Generations Homeschool Group

A ministry of Crossroads Fellowship in Raleigh, NC, for families in the Triangle area

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Generations is a ministry of Crossroads Fellowship that exists in partnership with the local church to encourage and equip Christian families as they educate their children at home. We accomplish this by offering academic enrichment programs, coordinating group activities, and fostering collaboration among our members.

Our new website is....


It all started with a handful of families who were starting out on their journey of homeschooling and just needed a little support. In 1999, four families attended the Crossroads Fellowship Adventure City Family Camping Trip. In getting to know one another, they soon discovered that they had something in common—homeschooling. A few of the families were already involved with other homeschool groups, but they were spread out geographically, and these groups didn't quite meet the families' needs. The families began to meet together for playdates and the occasional field trip, including a trip to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Others heard about the small fellowship and joined in.
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